Friday, June 3, 2011

Sebastian's Sister and Eternal Safari

The Loop Dress, transformable. Available in Black and white knit.
Super Exciting!

I have just received a wonderful shipment of these new items, an exclusive collection from the collaborating designers Sebastian's Sister and Eternal Safari.

These ladies hail from Canberra, and are making incredible, modern, elegant, clever fashion that suits almost every body shape. 
Their signature detailed pattern-making, and focus on transformation in a lot of their garments makes each piece intriguing. They use high quality fabrics such as merino knits, and really interesting textile patterns and textures, to offset your black winter woolies. 

This is a limited edition winter collection, so get in quick to nab one of these awesome Aussie pieces.

Hebrides Wool Jacket: can be worn two ways

The Wim Top, Merino Vest, and No.16 Merino wool Jumper

Bones Medley Stretch Cotton Jacket: can be worn two ways

Bat Macumba Dress

Check out their full range at Sebastian's Sister/Eternal Safari


  1. I have been thinking about that jacket all weekend since seeing it in your store on the weekend. How long can I resist.......