Monday, June 13, 2011

Thoroughly Modern Maude's Wedding Dress

This week we have the beautiful Maude as our feature bride. 

Maude came to me with a picture of a Celine gown, which she felt was the perfect style for her modern, urban wedding. Its the one below, on the left, in blue; fresh, contemporary and yet still romantic. 

From Aria Blog
Maude of course wanted hers to be a bit more "wedding", in ivory or cream.

Maude's setting was as follows:
1. Season - Late Autumn
2. Setting - Urban, warehouse reception
3. Style - modern and simple.

Maude loved the gathering around the bodice, and the delicate cap sleeves, as well the romantic flowing skirt.
She also loves Japanese prints and fabric, so I used that as a reference point for the aesthetic of the dress: simple, elegant, utilising the inherent beauty of the fabrics we chose

Design sketch

I decided that perhaps a more natural cotton and tulle effect would suit Maude and her wedding, removing any fussy satin, silk or shine from her look.
I really wanted a Japanese silk brocade, a matte white on white jacquard pattern that is usually for kimono, but instead Tessuti provided me with the beautiful option of a seersucker cotton Hana, which is very modern and not too elaborate. 

White Hana Web Seersucker 100% Cotton
This was for the dress proper. Then over the top, I layered silk tulle and some nylon net - a super find from The Fabric Store, in a fleshy colour, just to reduce the whiteness of the cotton; Maude wanted cream, not white. 
This is the first time I've used silk tulle, mostly because it's so gosh-darn expensive - it retails for about $170/m. And when the design is so drape-y and folded, thats an awful lot of money. But it was so very worthwhile this time. 

I made the top and bottom halves in the cotton, and fused the bodice, then gathered the tulle panels and machine tacked them over the cotton. Then sewed the bodice together, and the bodice to the skirt. 

The skirt layering was made by cutting oblique shapes from the tulle and layering and draping them until they looked pretty. Then I lined it with cream silk crepe,and finished the dress.

Maude bought me her chosen Japanese feature print, and I made her belt, her groom's hankercheif and a little purse for her things on the Big Day.
Layered tulle and net over cotton seersucker
Japanese cotton purse w/ strap

I was absolutely in love with this dress, I have to admit. It turned out to be so delicious and modern and restrained, but I'm a sucker for cotton and silk, so it was a joy to make.

As part of the Lissom Yarn Bridal service, all bridal clients receive a framed, original fashion sketch of their unique dress...for the wedding scrapbook, you know :)

And here is the Maude on her wedding day! Enjoy!

Next time, more real brides, and other nice-things-that-I-made-myself.

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