Thursday, January 27, 2011

Summer Arrivals

Lissom Yarn now has some new lovely things from designers Electric Sugar and Grazed Youth.

Grazed Youth has sweet and funky "You're nothing but a pack of Cards" Skirts, made form hand-printed fabric, and featuring a waist yoke and tie; loveable!

"You're nothing but a pack of cards!" skirt.

Electric Sugar is sending their second drop for the summer, and it includes another very wearable and stylish tailored tee, and shorts to team it with.

Abby Mill Top and Incantation Shorts, by Electric Sugar

Come in for a look at these lovely summer pieces!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Silk in the Sun

Before Christmas, I had two lovely special projects focused on elegant and simple designs using beautiful fabrics.

The first was a rush job - "Hello, do you make clothes? I need a dress for a wedding next Tuesday..."

My Client had found a Roland Mouret gown she wanted to draw her inspiration from; simple silhouette, with a very classic long skirt and a focus on drape as the design feature.

Roland Mouret - Spring RTW 2011.

She also loved the black binding on the sleeves and soft neckline.

We chose, after much deliberation regarding texture (yes? no?), drape (how much is too much? do we want a bias drape??), colour (what exactly is mushroom anyway?) and fibre content (silk? rayon? wool?)
a most beautiful French Silk Faille, from Rathdown Remnants, the price of which I will not divulge. 

Needless to say, cutting was a tremulous process.

But I got it done in three days and it turned out to be quite engaging; at least my Client thought so. (hoorah!)

The next project was a chocolate silk all-in-one pantsuit, for a Client's 50th Birthday Party; pretty daring, but thats what makes this job great. 

My Client had hoarded the fabric for years in anticipation of this day finally arriving, so again, there was some trepidation when cutting. It is a designer silk satin from the 1980's. There is no more of this fabric to be had if I was a bit shy of anything.

The brief was for a wide-legged all-in-one pantsuit, with perhaps a halterneck and some kind of transformable or interchangeable scarf that could act as an inventive accessory; a wrap or a sash, or "sleeves", to glam it up. My client is a self-confessed "70's tragic", but in the best possible way. 

I (delightedly) searched for "jungle" themed silk prints and found a couple of beauties from the Fabric Store, and Tessuti.

Dusky pink and yellow animal print silk satin, 
from the Fabric Store.

I made two toiles because, well, I've never patterned a pantsuit before, and it was defiantely necessary!
I lined the bodice with silk satin, and made the two chosen silks into long silk scarves that can be threaded into the back loops and draped as desired, around the shoulders or waist.

I hope both these garments bought joy to these Clients, who were both very open and enjoyable to sew for. Thank you!