Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spring Fashion and Hats, oh Joy!

Gosh, its been a while!

I have been super busy, sewing wedding dresses for the spring wedding season, and hopefully, we will get to share those pictures soon...well, soon-ish.

But in other Lissom Yarn news, I have also just started getting beautiful new spring collections from the young Australian designers that I stock in the shop.

I am pretty excited about these:

Sebastian's Sister and Eternal Safari will delight you with a lovely spring collection, featuring their signature draping and modern lines for layering in all seasons. I have panelled stretch dresses, elegant linen skirts, detailed sequin scarves and the Loop dress, which sold out last season.

Stretch panelled draped dress

Loop Dress, in Black and White

Linen Skirt and grey marle draped top

Draped t-shirt dress
The Eternal Safari/Sebastian's Sister ladies at their latest photo shoot.
 In this shoot:
Photography: Yie Sandison
Model: Vanessa Wakeman
Makeup: Linda West


And, just today I got these gorgeous summer frocks from Electric Sugar:

100% Organic Cotton Plaid Dress, with asymmetrical hem.

This is a gem of a dress: functional and sweet at the same time, it could be layered with a tee shirt or cute blouse for extra poshness.
I only have three, so get in quick!


Lastly, I have a selection of amazing hats from Barbara Mickelson, a Canberra milliner, who creates extraordinary and artistic headwear. If you're still looking for a hat for the races, you will be sure to find a unique and exciting piece from Barbara. Come in and try them all on till you find the right one!

These are just a few of the wide range I have in-store right now.

Happy Springtime!