Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Winter Lovelies

I know, two posts in one week - you're thinking - "what's going on??"
Well, I have a concussion, from dancing too hard at a wedding on the weekend. Fail.

So, yay! More nice things to share from the couch!

First up, new stock at Lissom Yarn....

I am loving these new items in store, called SnuggArms. They're made by a Canberran textile artist, and she designed them to combat the chilly winter weather in our nation's capital.... but they are very useful in Melbourne, as winter has suddenly arrived.

These fingerless "mittens" are awesome. I had to purchase myself a pair from my own stock last week, when the temperature in my shop dropped in to about 8C at 3pm in the afternoon. And I've barely taken them off...

I have a limited stock, but in beautiful colours. These handsome, hand-knitted mitts come in two-tone designs, in reds, navy and grey, blue and green... oh except I just bought those! Also, I have one beautiful pair of cream gauntlets, which are a larger, more dramatic version.
See them at the Hingstonbrook website.

If you get cold hands and want to make them snugg, come and get yourself some of these beauties. They're made from Australian wool, and can be ordered in specific colour ways to suit your wardrobe.


Next up we have new pieces from Grazed Youth. I have two of these tops in red merino wool and in three black merino. They feature a soft open turtleneck, t-shirt sleeves and a wide hem.

Check out better pictures here!
They're great to layer over skinny jeans, especially, and I just love the bright red, to add some colour to your winter wardrobe. Its so hot right now. 
Handmade in Australia.

I'm also doing a range of made-to-measure knit dresses this winter. 
Custom order, in Blue Gray
Cutting out

Last year I made a few versions in black and they were a hit. So this year they're available in six colours, custom made, for only $149.00. 
This means you can choose your skirt length, shape, sleeve length and neckline, to make a dress that is perfectly suited to you, and perfect for winter layering.

Colours available are: Red, Merlot, Khaki, Sage Gray, Black and Navy, all in 100% Merino wool.

Thats all for today!

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