Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Tom Palumbo for Junior Bazaar.

Its summer; I'm loving natural fabrics.

It's summer; I made linen wrap skirts.
Just for fun, you know, in my spare time, chained to the sewing machine.

But, martyrdom aside, here they are!

Fabric is, as usual, from my brilliant friends at the Fabric Store in Brunswick St.
They have a great range of summer linen and cottons, printed and pretty, and funky, and classic.

I used a circle skirt for the first two skirts (the apricot and the floral), and a more tailored shape for the striped skirt.

I'm feeling the Fifties vibe (just a teeny tiny bit), so long as its very comfortable and very liberated.
Thank you Marilyn.

These are actually Christmas presents for the Fam', because I'm so damn tired of buying useless junk at Christmas. Shame my whole extended family is not female; it would be so easy!

Speaking of... I found this lovely ladee...her green laundry ideas are great, as well as her retro style.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the feature!

    Love that floral skirt. I both admire and envy anyone that can sew. It's still on my life list of things to learn.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac