Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Electric Sugar

Lissom Yarn is now stocking the label Electric Sugar.

Created by designer Eline Martinsen, this label is both ethical and evocative.
She is influenced by her strong traditional corsetry skills and a penchant for moody literature, though not of Twilight type!

Eline describes the label thus:
"Electric Sugar design moody, provocative collections, incorporating traditional corsetry techniques and evoking the spirit of a circus sideshow: magical and dreamlike, yet sleazy and sinister."

The current collection is called Pendle Hill and is inspired by the English witch trials. Lissom Yarn has the beautiful Alice Nutter Skirt (pictured below), in a very excellent brown and aquamarine floral print; and the simply wearable One O'clock! singlet top, in grey.
These are strictly limited edition items.

All Eline's designs are realised in wonderful sustainable fabrics including soybean, hemp, bamboo, recycled PET and organic cotton. I'm in love.

I will be getting another delightful drop in early 2011, featuring tailored shorts and another elegant blouse style.

Drop by for a dress up!

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