Monday, July 16, 2012

Tailoring for the ladies

Well, it's happened - I'm sick in bed. And I need "a bit of distraction" as my mother would say. I've watched all of my Cranford DVD's; now it's time for some work.

So, it's time get on with the stuff I want to show you: winter tailoring.

I had a really interesting commission recently from a local, and long-time Lissom Yarn friend, Jay. She's been after a new coat since last spring, and me being a bit slow, only just finished it in June!

But I think it was definitely worth the wait. 

It started out as a "black or grey" coat last year, but once we got talking again this autumn, Jay decided she wanted something more exciting and chose red.

Her concept was an elegant, modern - style tailored coat, with a zipper and hood. Something she would enjoy for many winters to come: a Classic. Jay's style is pretty contemporary: she likes layers and neutrals and modern fabrics, and so the coat was to be a statement piece that she could wear everyday. 

We chose a wool/cashmere blend from Clegs, a beautiful heavy, napped coating, that was pretty much irresistible. We also went for a silk lining, to complete the luxurious combination, but this took a little longer. In the end, Jay chose a stunning printed silk fabric called "Coloured Scratches"from Tessuti.

Coat lining, "coloured scratches".

Finished coat with topstiched hood, and pockets, below.

The other interesting tailoring work I've had lately is for a series of Liberty Print work blouses.
A regular client, who has also been waiting patiently for me to finish wedding dresses, commissioned these unique work shirts. She provided me with six fabrics, each one different, and allowed me to design freely, using the textile print as the inspiration.

Red paisley print blouse with Peter Pan Collar, and 3/4 sleeves. 

Pink medallion a-symmetrical blouse with red trim,
and tie belt.

Paisley blouse with flat collar and self buttons.

Art-nouveax style medallion print blouse, with collar worn two ways, waist insert and enamel and brass vintage buttons.

Collar can be worn up, or folded down

There are still a few more to come in this series, so hopefully I can share them soon! 

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