Monday, May 28, 2012

Caped Crusader, part 2.

It's that time of year again, where its suddenly so cold that just taking your socks off seems like a bad idea.
Its that time of year again, when the leaves pile up in the street, and I just want a socially-acceptable blanket to wear outside.
But wait! We have just such a thing! 

I cannot overstate how awesome capes are, if you are not already a convert, get into them.
I am making a very limited-edition series of short capes that are freaking cosy, and damned versatile.
They are available made to order for only $299.00, and you can even bring in your own choice of wool to be made up: 2m please.

At the moment, these beauties are available ready-made in black jacquard wool, or, a very special one-off vintage brown wool with pale pink spots, and shot pink silk lining. And there is literally only one of those. Patterns to come will include a sweet green and pink tweed, Chanel- style; and a Little Red RidingHood cape. Made, as they are, with a pure wool outer, and a silk lining, these capes are cosy and beautiful to wear.

Black wool melton cape with convertible collar and full lining.
Made to order for Ascot Races. Collar shown tied.
Collar worn open

Jacquard wool cape, available to purchase, collar shown wrapped and pinned with brooch.
The collars can be worn (at least) three ways, and, well, I just think they're swell. I designed this style for a client last year, to wear to a winter wedding, but these little rippers can go over everything from jeans to a formal dress, to race wear or worn as a wedding shrug. Brrr, winter wedding. Get a white one.

Vintage brown and pink wool cape, with shot Thai silk lining and under-collar, shown here tied. One only available. 

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