Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Naturally... Natalie

So at last! I can share one of the many lovely weddings I've been a tiny part of this last spring.

The first bride this season to be wedded, is the gorgeous Natalie Staub. Nat married her fiance Andrew at the Boynton's Feathertop Winery in Porepunka, Victoria. Their wedding was a rustic relaxed affair and as you'll see from the photos, a very warm, family event.

Natalie came to me because she had seen photos in the window of my shop and felt some of the dresses had elements she wanted.

Her inspiration was fresh, modern and colourful: Strong, clean designs with modern details, but she also like the older silhouette with the wasp waist.


She loved coral, pink, watermelon, cream and wanted a dress that was really contemporary to suit her, and their spring, country wedding.

Nat also wanted a dress she could wear again. This is often a motivation for women who want a non-traditional gown for their wedding: they would like to get some extra value from what will probably be the most expensive garment they ever buy. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. I like to suggest a few considerations:
1. Will this desire to re-use lead you to compromise the fabrics and design choices?
2. Will you be able to separate the association of your wedding day from the Dress? ie, will you actually want to wear it again, if it has become a very sentimental garment?

Neither of these considerations is difficult to overcome, but my feeling when I design for a bride, is that we aim for the best wedding dress possible and if you can wear it again, well, yay. And I think Nat will definitely get another wear out of this dress.

I did quite a lot of designing with this dress, because, really, there was so much scope for me: pretty much a blank slate, as far as wedding dresses go!

Preliminary Storyboard 1
© E. Christian

Preliminary storyboard 2
© E. Christian
There was a lot of chiffon and/or georgette, but ultimately we decided on a silk/cotton for the skirt, because it was a bit less cocktail-hour, and suited the bush setting more. I also found a beautiful printed silk dupion from one of my suppliers, designed by an Australian textile artist.

Final design concept, with layered watermelon
skirt and asymmetrical bodice
© E. Christian
We went with the two-toned design, though this seems to be very dramatic idea to some people, incredulously inquiring in the shop, that  surely "a bride shouldn't wear such colours?!"... what is this? 1906? 
Seriously. Open your mind.

Printed Silk Dupion from Silk Trader, with asymmetrical neckline, cap sleeve and
covered buttons
Silk/Cotton voile layered circle skirt in "Coral"

And here is the beautiful bride on her Wedding Day. I love how relaxed, modern, understated and genuine this wedding looks: everyone clearly had a fabulous time!

Thanks Nat, for being a wonderful client, and Nat and Andrew for sharing your photos and special with us. 
Photography by Shawn Smits.

Next time, more Spring weddings!

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