Monday, September 5, 2011

Caped Crusader

 Who doesn't love a Cape?

The swirly, Sherlocky, wooly, warm goodness of a blanket you can justifiably wear outside the house... that isn't a Snuggie either.

As featured last time, I made an outfit for a client that included a sweet little white wool cape; this week its the opposite. Impressively purple, almost knee length, this cape is one for the ages. But not the aged.

My Client wanted something cosy that she could wear through the winter, that was a bit more exciting than a plain ol' jacket. We went with a tweedy black and purple wool crepe from The Fabric Shop on Brunswick Street. Tres chic, chickens. It kind of matches my walls...

Wool cape with welted arm-holes.

I found the awesome leather buttons at Rathdowne Fabrics, and we chose to use the wrong sides, to go with the rustic-ness of the tweed.

Button and lining detail: lining is a viscose/Lyrca blend. Very nice, will keep out the wind a bit too.

I designed a gathered collar shape, to funk the look up a bit, and make it more modern.
Gathered collar, and button detail.

 Thats all for this week, but next week, it's Prom!

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