Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme for a Carbon tax.

It's a bit like when you're pregnant, you see a lot of other pregnant women. I'm told.

Well, I'm into Green Things at the moment - they seem to be very exciting to me, and I covert them. Anything coloured "herb".

My first favourite things in green are my woolly Snuggarms, recently featured, pictured below. 
I just had to get a pair because they are practical and cute. Can't loose!

Also, this cute little jewellery box that a client gave me - so faded, so sweet!

And, yesterday I was in Kensington, home of the very delicious breakfast, and also a relatively new shop called Onabee, where I saw the very beautiful textiles by the Ink & Spindle ladies... my favourite, obviously, being the green ones. 
Ginko in Olive and Stone, on 200gsm Organic Cotton and Hemp unbleached basecloth.

I think I love the limey goodness of these green things because its such a tonic to the greyness of winter, and the winter wardrobe. Its fresh, and modern, has just enough reference to vintage colour schemes.

That said, I recently did a graphics job for a Sydney company promoting vintage cocktails with Cointreau, and this was one of the images, for their 1960's cocktail recipe card.
Lime green - enough said.

1960's vintage fashion drawing, for Cointreau vintage cocktails.
© E. Christian 2011


And my last favourite green thing of the moment, is the Carbon Tax! Yay to developing a rational and practical path to a carbon neutral society. We've gotta start somewhere!

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