Monday, March 21, 2011

Galaxy of lovely

"Oh, so long ago,
and so far away,
when time, 
was just a line that you fed me when you wanted to stay,"
Soft As Chalk, Joanna Newsom

Well, it has been a while but here are a few beautiful things that are rocking my boat today.

Last week I went to see Joanna Newsom at the Recital Hall in Melbourne, and oh my, did she do an amazing show. 
I lost track of all time, but her dress (above, by Christopher Kane) and her incredible talent held me glued to the chair. 
As always her modern style was abundantly clear, making all of us with (perhaps romantic) notions of her poetry and whimsy remember that she is a truly contemporary artist.
Also, what an awesome dress to wear whilst playing a harp!

Next, Madeleine Vionnet.
I cannot say enough to explain the absolute admiration I have for this woman; Chanel, eat your heart out. Everyone laudes Chanel for being "liberating" and contemporary, but again, I think Vionnet had the edge, in terms of craftswomanship, and absolute style.
Check it out...

Is this not an entirely modern and relevant garment, 70 years on from its creation? I actually thought it was an Akira at first glance, for its simplicity and "Japanese-ness". But its absolute elegance is unmistakeably Vionnet. I am a sucker for bias cuts too. 

This is one of four newly acquired gowns at London's V&A Museum. Sigh.

Next week; Wedding dresses! My (varied), but experiential, summer of bridal creations.

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