Monday, August 23, 2010

Linen Jacket

As promised, here is the Linen-silk jacket that I've been working on for a while.

Its finally finished, and I think it's turned out to be quite interesting..

I still haven't been able to confirm the fibre content of the fabric, which is really frustrating!
Possible combinations might be silk, rayon or linen.
It crushes very easily, but also holds its shape beautifully.

Above are details of the cuff and front pleating. I decided to bind the edges of the collar to refine the overall impression of the garment. Because the fabric is so floaty, I think the binding really centres the design, and the client loves that kind of detail.
The cuff are gathered up and stitched, and close with a button and roule loop.

The front fastens with a set of 3 large hook and bar, across the front of the jacket.

All the hems are just over-locked, turned once and topstitched. The fabric is so light that anything more would really change the way the hems sit.
I added small shoulder pads to support the shoulders and tops of the sleeves.

This garment was made for K. Elkins.

Hope you all like it!

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