Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to Lissom Yarn

Hi out there,

So, this is the blog attached to Lissom Yarn, my fashion studio and boutique in Flemington, Melbourne.

Here I will be finding beautiful things to share with you: colours, designs, fashion tips and style notes, costume, history , sustainability and anything thats inspiring me lately in my travels through everyday fashion and design.

I hope you can enjoy and be inspired to look at fashion and design from a different perspective; fashion is not just what's on the catwalk, it is a larger expression of how we see ourselves in the context of our communities and what we value in ourselves and others. It is the most immediate and flexible transference of ideology in modern society and helps to both align and divide people.

I believe fashion can be constructive, not just consumptive, and hope this forum helps to get these ideas flowing.

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